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Link to article on Women's History Month Mar 1, 2015 - March is Women's History Month.    The theme for 2015 is "Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives." Knowing women's achievements challenges stereotypes and upends social assumptions about who women are and what women can accomplish today. ... Read More

Link to CP10 Newsletter PDF Feb 27, 2015 - Brand New Newsletter   The Benefits, Pay & Compensation Branch has published a Newsletter for February 2015! Stay in the know with the latest updates regarding Civilian BP&C policies, guidance, and other relevant information.   Read More!

Link to CP10 Newsletter PDF Feb 9, 2015 - a new CP 10 Newsletter   Welcome to the fourth issue of the CP-10 Newsletter for 1th Quarter 2015! As always, the goal is to bring you unique and relevant insight into both strategic level activities that impact us as members of the Civilian cohort, as well as issues that affect you as members of CP-10.   Read More!

Link to the CHR Awards Memo The William H. Kushnick Award, the John W. Macy, Jr., Award, and the Nick Hoge Award Calendar Year 2014 Nomination Deadline. We hereby announce the call for nominations for these Awards. Both Civilian and military workforces are highly encouraged to begin preparing their nomination packages, to be submitted no later than COB Thursday 12 Feb 2015
Read the memo here   |   Find out More about the Awards

MyBizPlus Image Introducing MyBiz+    The place to go for employee HR information and employment verification. The design is intuitive and interactive and the displays can be personalized. Check out the Fact Sheet, Hand-out and Captivate tutorial for additional information ...     Login to the Portal to read more on the Reference Library!

Link to Pentagon Winter Alert news item Winter Preparedness 2015    In addition to unseasonably cold temperatures from the Polar Vortex, the National Weather Service is predicting higher-than-normal precipitation. With winter rapidly approaching, now is the time to winterize your home and car and update your vehicle emergency kit to combat the hazards of the season.
Read more - Be Winter Ready

icon for GoArmyEd GoArmyEd - now for use by DA Civilians. Since 2006, GoArmyEd.com has been the Army's enterprise system for the delivery of educational support and tuition assistance to all soldiers, and now includes support for education and training funds to all DA Civilians, anytime, anywhere.    Read More