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Defense Civilian Personnel Data System Logo Army CRB Shutdown! CHRA will be shutting down the Civilian Record Brief as of 1 January 2017. Employees should be using the DoD Career Brief located at

Civilian Cyberspace Workforce Logo Check out the new Civilian Cyberspace Workforce page! As Army continues to build and enhance the capabilities of the total force, the Army is simultaneously developing processes to align, manage and standardize cyberspace work roles, baseline qualifications, and training.
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"New Beginnings"   is a collaborative labor-management effort to improve Human Resource practices and policies in the Department of Defense (DoD). A major New Beginnings effort is the development and implementation of the enterprise-wide DoD Performance Management ...    Read More

image of the ACTEDS Catalog ACTEDS Training Catalog Just a reminder - the ACTEDS Training Catalog is now being updated for FY17! Many updates have been posted and more are coming daily.

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Symbol of the Office Assistant to the Secretary of the ArmyDec 4, 2015 On behalf of the Acting Secretary of the Army, Chief of Staff of the Army and Sergeant Major of the Army, please view the tri-signed memorandum on Full Integration of Women in the Army. Mr. Gerald B. O'Keefe, Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army.   View memo