November 17, 1998

SUBJECT: Determining Career Program Positions

Reference my memorandum, dated September 30, 1998, subject as above, which solicited your views on changing current career management policy in AR 690-950. Specifically, the proposed change provides a role for the func-tional chief representative (FCR) in determining a position's exclusion from a career program.

A large number of commands and FCRs responded. Most concurred in the proposal, although several suggested a need for the involvement of the activity and/or major command career program manager (ACPM/MCPM). The FCR would naturally have the authority to either delegate his or her role in the determination to the ACPM/MCPM or to consult with them. This is reflected in the enclosed revised version which is effective immediately.

A couple of comments mentioned delegated classification authority (DCA) with respect to local determinations. Under DCA, while the manager may have the authority to assign the title, series and grade of a position, the classifier is still responsible for certain position coding such as Fair Labor Standards Act exemption or non-exemption and the career program.

//original signed//
Carol Ashby Smith
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Civilian Personnel Policy)