September 7, 1999

Memorandum for See Distribution
SUBJECT: Announcement of Information Management Specialist (GS-301) Vacancies

Reference Director for Information Management (SAIS-IMP) memorandum, dated September 2, 1999, subject: Interim Guidance for Information Management Specialist (GS-0301-I) Vacancy Announcements in ITM/CP-34. (Enclosure)

With the demise of the Department of the Army Civilian Announcement Distribution System, Career Program (CP) 34, Information Management, will use the Civilian Personnel On-Line vacancy announcement system for Information Management Specialist (GS-301, Information Management Track) vacancies at grades GS-13-15. Effective immediately, please implement the SAIS-IMP memorandum.

Please contact Ms. Roxann Dent, Chief, Career Management Operations Branch if any additional information is desired at DSN: 221-9293 or COMM (703) 325-9293, email: dentr@(email address expired).

//original signed//
James M. Alward
Chief, Central Program
Operations Division