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Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher Distinguished Humanitarian Award

Since 1996, the United States Military Departments (Army, Navy and Air Force) jointly sponsored the Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher Distinguished Humanitarian Award to emphasize the contributions that Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher have contributed to members of the Armed Forces. To continue their legacy, the United States Military Departments will honor and recognize a private sector individual or organization that have demonstrated exceptional patriotisms and humanitarian concern for members of the United States Armed Forces or their families.

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Nick Hoge Award

This is an annual essay program dedicated to promoting excellence in Civilian Human Resources management. It was created in memory of a promising young human resources manager whose attributes - innovation, imagination, and personal courage were notable. The professional papers are to address human resources management and associated topics. All military and civilian employees, appropriated fund and non-appropriated fund, US citizens and local nationals in the Department of the Army are eligible to submit essays for the Nick Hoge Award.

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William H. Kushnick Award

The William H. Kushnick award was established in 1968 in honor of Mr. William H. Kushnick, one of the most highly respected and distinguished members of the Army Civilian Personnel Community. This award annually recognizes the most outstanding singular achievement of an Army employee in Civilian Human Resources and is used to encourage greater achievement among all employees in the career field.

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John W. Macy, Jr. Award

This award recognizes demonstrated excellence in the leadership of civilians and accomplishment of the mission through the civilian work force. It exemplifies both the highest traditions established by Mr. John W. Macy, Jr., during his long and distinguished career of public service and the Army's philosophy that leaders are responsible for civilian human resource management. Mission accomplishment at every level of organized activity requires effective leadership. While the leader's qualities are often the focus of attention, the excellence of the team's mission performance, the growth of team members and the esprit of the team are major indicators of leader effectiveness. This recognition is intended to identify and to recognize role models whose teams set the standard for other leaders of our soldier-civilian team.

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Pace Award

Named after former Secretary of the Army Frank Pace, this award has been presented annually since 1962 to one Army officer, lieutenant colonel or below, and one civilian employee, GS/GM 14 or below, assigned in a staff capacity to Headquarters, Department of the Army. Awardees are selected based on their performance and completion of significant staff assignments that benefit the Army by providing substantial financial savings, or technological or military development.

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