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Business Based Actions (BBAs) are non-disciplinary, management-initiated actions taken to adjust personnel resources with a minimum of disruption to operations. BBAs are applicable to all Regular Full-Time (RFT), Regular Part Time (RPT) employees, and Flexible (FLX) employees who have been employed by the NAFI effecting the BBA for 3 continuous years. When implementing reductions and realignments management should decrease adverse effects on employees and the future effectiveness of the activity involved. For example, in order to meet a need to reduce the scope of an operation, reducing hours of work for all employees may be more acceptable than employee separations.

The determination of positions to be affected, and the type of personnel actions to be taken with respect to employees shall be made by the head of the activity. However, in those cases in which more than one employee in the same employment category is performing the functions to be impacted, determination of specific employees to be affected will be based on factors such as employee's knowledge, skill, and ability as demonstrated through performance. Under other circumstances employees must be ranked to determine the order in which they will be affected. The ranking process must include performance and seniority, although other factors such as job related training and formal education might be included. The planning process should include consideration of each of the various actions that may be taken: (1) Reduction in pay rate (applicable only to NF employees), (2) Change in employment category, (3) Furlough of a regular full-time and part-time employee for eight calendar days or more (4) Separation.

All reductions and realignment actions which will result in the reduction or relocation of 50 or more RFT or RPT employees require that written notification be furnished through command channels to HQDA (DAPE-CP-NAF) not less than 30 days prior to implementation. Guidance on the preparation of submissions is in AR 5-10.

All affected employees in the activity will be provided initial information simultaneously. Any written notification should provide general information not specific to identified positions. Employees should not perceive the notice as an official BBA proposal. A group meeting may also be helpful, especially one in which employees may ask questions and receive answers. Labor organizations that have exclusive recognition will be consulted regarding reductions prior to the initial announcement to employees. Official written notice of a Business Based Action will be provided to specific employee(s) to be affected in accordance with AR 215-3, chapter 10, and para 10-9.

In the event the provisions of the legally binding collective bargaining agreements conflict, the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements will be applied.

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