Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)

Professional Liability Insurance covers legal liability for certain damages that might result from "acts, error or omission of the covered individual while in the performance of the covered individual's official duties". PLI may also cover the cost of legal representation for the covered individual in connection with these acts, errors or omissions.

The Department of Defense (DoD) will reimburse supervisors, management officials or law enforcement officers who are eligible for PLI up to one-half the cost of a covered PLI premium, not to exceed $150 per year. PLI reimbursement is a not a taxable income. Eligibility determination authority has been delegated to the appropriate management officials within each Command. To file a claim, submit Standard Form 1164, Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business.

Questions concerning the Element of Resource (EOR) should be referred through financial management channels.

Supervisors and Management Officials are defined in 5 USC &Sect;7103 (a) (10) and (11), Law Enforcement Officers are defined in 5 USC &Sect; 8331 (20 and &Sect; 8401(17).

For guidance defining eligibility, employee responsibility for reimbursement and the paying office responsibilities see   (for a non-PDF equivalent)

The Army delegation memorandum may be found at .