Use of Government Property


  • Use Federal Government equipment and property, including communications systems, only for official purposes or authorized purposes as approved by your supervisor.

  • Use official time in an honest effort to perform official duties, and donít ask subordinates to perform tasks outside their official duties.

    As Army personnel, we have a duty to protect and conserve federal property, including equipment, supplies and other property entrusted or issued to us. We cannot directly or indirectly use or allow the use of government property for other than official approved activities (this includes property leased to the government.)

  • Examples of improper use include:
  • Using Government or leased photocopy equipment for personal matters
  • Using a Government-owned, leased, or rented vehicle or aircraft for non-official purposes
  • Selling commercial products in a Government building
  • Using Government computers for personal matters on official time

    Examples of uses of a Government computer and Internet access that are permitted, with prior supervisory approval include:

  • Using computers to access internet resources for professional development purposes, subject to ensuring that your primary duties and mission are accomplished
  • Supervisors may also approve use of computers and associated Internet access for other personal reason, such as routine e-mail correspondence with your children away at college, reading a business magazine website or checking stock quotes; but you may do this only before and after work hours, or during your lunch period or other authorized break during the work day.

    The Department of Defense provides Ethics Materials Training on a wide variety of issues; which include Use of Government Resources from the 1997 Annual Ethics Training. There is an explanatory script in parts one, two, three and four. We encourage managers to view this presentation with their employees. There is also detailed information available in the 2004 Ethics Counselor's Deskbook, along with updated information on Use of Government Resources that is maintained by
    the DoD Standards of Conduct Office.

    Loss of, damage to, unauthorized use or destruction of Army or Department of Defense property may be subject to disciplinary action.

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