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In February 2006, the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) was established as the single focal point for commercial travel within Department of Defense (DoD). Previously, several disparate, stove-piped programs governed travel policy, regulations and directives, with no "single face" for commercial travel within the Department. The DTMO Website has been redesigned and updated. Please see the Defense Travel Management Office website at:

How to get to the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR):
JTR materials may be downloaded and printed from the following website:

How to obtain locality per diem rates:
For current per diem rates, please see the Defense Travel Management Office website at:

Internet Sources for All Per Diem Rates:
--48 states and DC (continental U.S.) = GSA
(Per diems are first listed by county. Exceptions are noted. If there is not a separate listing, the per diem rate used to calculate Subsistence Expense Allowance (SEA) should be the Standard CONUS rate)
--Non-Foreign, outside continental U.S. = DoD
--All Foreign Locations = STATE

POC: Mr. Gary Buck, DAPE-CPP-BA, (703) 806-3886.

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