Premium Pay

Premium pay includes pay authorized under title 5 for overtime, night, Sunday, or holiday work; or for standby duty, administratively uncontrollable overtime work, or availability duty. Premium pay also includes the dollar value of earned hours of compensatory time off for FLSA exempt (not covered) employees.

Employees may receive premium pay only to the extent that the payment does not cause their total basic pay and premium pay to exceed the greater of the maximum rate of basic pay for the GS-15 grade level, including any locality adjustment or applicable special salary rate, or pay rate for level V of the Executive Schedule.

Compensationary time off may not be granted when payment for the extra work at the overtime rates would otherwise be improper.

Authority to order or approve overtime is delegated to the commander, and commanders may designate other officials to act for them in ordering and approving overtime.

Content last reviewed: 10/26/20106-TMH

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