PCS - First Duty Station Moves

New appointees, moving from their place of actual residence at the time of appointment, may be reimbursed for a portion of their moving expenses. The entitlements provided include:

  1. Travel, transportation, and mileage for the appointees and their families.
  2. Transportation and temporary storage of household goods, normally up to 18,000 pounds.
  3. Per diem for the newly appointed employee. Family members of new appointees are not entitled to an additional per diem allowance.
  4. NTS (extended storage) of HHG when an eligible employee is moved to an isolated CONUS PDS.
  5. Transportation of a mobile home (including a boat) used as a primary residence in lieu of HHG transportation

Under the provisions of the Joint Travel Regulations, new appointees are not entitled to reimbursement for other expenses incurred as a consequence of a relocation although these entitlements are available for current employees. Real estate expenses, house hunting trips, temporary quarters subsistence expense and miscellaneous expenses are among the items that are not allowed for new appointees.

Content last reviewed: 9/19/2016-GLB