PCS - House Hunting Trip (HHT) (Discretionary Allowance)

Round trip travel may be authorized when circumstances warrant for the employee and spouse for the purpose of seeking residence quarters. Separate round trips by the employee and spouse may be allowed provided the overall cost to the Government is limited to the cost of one round trip for the employee and spouse traveling together. The maximum time authorized for a HHT must not exceed 10 days. However, as a policy, an employee's temporary quarters subsistence expense (TQSE) shall be reduced by the number of days employee takes for a HHT. The use of air transportation, rental cars, or mass transit systems is encouraged rather than privately owned vehicles (POV) for the trip. This is to maximize the time available for searching for a new home.

A trip for finding permanent residence quarters will not be permitted at Government expense until after an employee has agreed to transfer and the date of the transfer has been established.

Content last reviewed: 9/19/2016-GLB