PCS - Miscellaneous Expense Allowance

The miscellaneous expense allowance is designed to defray relocation costs that are not always easily categorized. Some examples of reimbursable costs include disconnecting/connecting appliances, non-refundable utility fees/deposits, automobile registration and related costs.

Employees may be granted a payment, without receipts, for: (a) $650 or the equivalent of one week's basic pay, whichever is less, provided there are no dependents; or (b) $1300 or the equivalent of two week's basic pay, whichever is less, when there are authorized dependents. Employees with dependents, but whose dependents and HHG are not relocated pay the lesser of $650 or the equivalent of 1 week's basic compensation.

Miscellaneous expenses in excess of these amounts can be paid if there are receipts for all the expenditures. The maximum paid with receipts is the employee's basic salary for one week when there are no dependents and the basic salary for two weeks when there are dependents. The allowable amount cannot exceed the maximum rate (Step 10) of Grade GS-13.

Content last reviewed: 9/19/2016-GLB

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