Light Duty Assignments

The Army Civilian Injury Compensation Program requires that light duty assignments be provided to employees faced with job-related injuries, occupational illnesses or diseases.

When medical care is authorized under Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA), the supervisor, in coordination with the Civilian Personnel Assistance Center (CPAC), offers the employee light duty work in his/her assigned position, or in another position, compatible with medically imposed restrictions/limitations. Any position offers made must be evaluated by the employee's attending physician to ensure the modified work assignment can safely be performed by the employee based upon the limitations of his/her medical condition.

A copy of the light duty assignment and documentation regarding attempts to place the injured worker is also provided to the Office of Workers' Compensation (OWCP) by the ICS. If the employee does not accept valid offers, Continuation of Pay and/or other FECA benefits may be terminated.

The CPAC works with management officials to locate and/or develop light duty assignments for use under the Army Civilian Injury Compensation program. All fill actions being processed are reviewed, as well as all vacant positions, to identify positions which may be used for light duty assignments. Employees are provided priority consideration for placement into positions they qualify for and that accommodates their medical restrictions/ limitations.

Content last reviewed: 9/21/2016-AEL