FEGLI - Death Cases

In the event of the death of an Army civilian appropriated fund employee, the Army Benefits Center - Civilian (ABC-C) must be notified. Typically the supervisor is the first to be informed and must then notify the CPAC. The CPAC will immediately notify the ABC-C by utilizing the "Death Report" on the ABC-C web site at Should the CPOC be contacted first, confirmation must be made with the CPAC and ABC-C to ensure notification of the death has been reported. If the survivors notify the CPAC, the CPAC will contact management and provide notification of the death and request a Request for Personnel Action (RPA). The deceased employee's manager is responsible for preparing the RPA.

Upon notification of the death the ABC-C will request the OPF from the CPOC. The CPOC will mail the OPF within 4 working days of the request. The ABC-C will complete and submit the Agency Certification of Life Insurance (SF 2821) to DFAS within 24 hours from notice of the death. When the SF 2821 is returned, the ABC-C will immediately send a copy to the Office of Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (OFEGLI). The ABC-C will send the FE-6 to each assignee and if a designation of beneficiary is on file, will send the FE-6 to the designated beneficiary. The ABC-C will review the OPF to extract relevant information on survivor's FEGLI entitlements. In some cases the CPAC may need to assist the survivor in contacting the ABC-C and or be present for telephonic counseling. In those cases the ABC-C will coordinate with the CPAC. The ABC-C will contact and assist the survivors with completion of all claim forms and will provide benefits counseling appropriate for each individual case.

Content last reviewed: 6/8/2006-CS

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