Fully Automated System for Classification (FASCLASS)

Version 2 of FASCLASS has been successfully fielded Army-wide. This paperless record keeping system has replaced all hard copy records previously maintained in the Classification Divisions of the Civilian Personnel Operations Centers (CPOCs). Besides standardizing, simplifying, and expediting internal classification and staffing processes with the CPOCs, this web-based system simultaneously provides current position descriptions and organizational structures to Managers/Supervisors and Civilian Personnelists who have Internet access. This eliminates any need for Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers (CPACs) or Supervisors to maintain their own redundant sets of such documents or records.

The application automates Position Descriptions (PDs), provides a searchable automated Master File of PD's, maintains automated records of competitive levels and competitive area logs, an archive function, ability to search Army wide, a multiple sort feature, and an advance search feature.

The system is designed for ease of use. With the on-line help & tutorial features, the downloadable Users Manual, and on-screen field level help buttons, these help features should be adequate for all users to navigate the system and access its products. MACOMs, CPOCs, and CPACs need to work cooperatively, however, to publicize, demonstrate, and promote the availability and uses of this tool among customers.

A February 9, 1999 memorandum was sent to all MACOMs and OCONUS CPOCs delineating the elimination of the DA 374 and use of electronic signatures.

FASCLASS may be found at

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