Grievance File Documentation Checklist

Objective: To provide a clear audit trail on all actions taken and leading up to a final decision on each grievance. This checklist applies to both negotiated and administrative grievances. The Employee Relations Specialist should keep copies that are signed and dated.

  • Written grievance.
  • Designation of representative.
  • Witness statements.
  • Memos on discussions with grievant/supervisor/rep/witnesses.
  • MFR on 2nd level grievance.
  • 2nd level decision memo.
  • DR's report of findings and recommendations.
  • 3rd level decision.
  • Union letter invoking arbitration.
  • Request for list of arbitrators (Association of American Arbitrators or Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service).
  • Memos regarding meetings with union to select arbitrator/schedule arbitration, etc.
  • Brief.
  • Arbitration notes.
  • Post-hearing brief.
  • Arbitrator's decision and bill.
  • Record of implementation of arbitrator's decision.
  • MER case tracker record (if used).
  • Letter to OCI, if used.
  • OCI report and recommendations, if utilized under administrative procedure.
  • Deciding Official's decision and other documents pertaining investigation of the administrative grievance.
  • Other supporting documentation such as:

    1. SF50s
    2. Applicable regulations
    3. Official documents (e.g., performance plans,performance ratings)

  • Documentation regarding requests for and approval of extensions/waivers of any steps in the process.
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