Advanced Annual Leave

Advanced annual leave is one of the flexible tools supervisors may use in the workplace. However, the granting of annual leave to an employee who doesn't have enough accrued leave to cover an absence is done only after careful consideration. There may be justification to limit, or even deny, a request for advanced annual leave. Employees do not have an entitlement to advanced annual leave. The maximum amount of annual leave that can be advanced is the amount of annual leave the employee will accrue for the remainder of the leave year. When faced with an advanced annual leave request, the supervisor should consider whether or not the employee will be in a duty status long enough to repay advanced annual leave; the organization’s mission and work situation; and the employee’s needs and personal convenience. For the most up to date leave balances of their employees, supervisors should contact their local Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Customer Service Representative (CSR).

Content last reviewed: 11/24/2009-ALV

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