Maternity Leave

Absence related to pregnancy is charged to sick leave or annual leave, depending on the availability of each type of leave, or leave-without-pay (LWOP). Requests for sick leave for maternity reasons are treated the same as any certified temporary medical disability. Under the Family Friendly Leave Act, sick leave is appropriate if the employee is incapacitated for the perfomance of duties due to pregnancy or childbirth or to provide care for a family member as a result of pregnancy or childbirth.

Sick leave is not authorized for absence due solely to the employee's responsibility for infant care. Workload permitting, the supervisor may approve additional annual leave or LWOP for this purpose. Employee may be eligible for other childbirth or infant care leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA).

Content last reviewed: 6/19/2006-FMJ