Performance Plans (non-NSPS)

Supervisors have a responsibility of ensuring that all of their employees have a performance work plan, established no later than 30 days after employee assignment to the position or the beginning of a new rating period. A performance plan must be recorded on DA Form 7223-1 (Counseling Checklist in the Base System) or DA Form 7222-1(Support Form in the Senior System). The plan consists of objectives/responsibilities (specific duties of the job) and standards(how the supervisor is going to measure how well the employee performs those objectives/responsibilities). Objectives/responsibilities may be changed or modified during the rating period. The annual performance appraisal periods for the Senior System are:

  • 1 July-30 June - ST, SL, GM, WS/GS-13 and above, employees at equivalent levels in other pay plans. Note: The Corps of Engineers has been granted a waiver to allow for a 1 Oct - 30 Sept rating cycle for all GS13-15s in the COE. The SES (ES) rating cycle is 1 Oct-30 Sep.

  • 1 Nov-31 Oct - WS/GS-9 through 12, employees at equivalent levels in other pay plans (except WL and WG).

The annual appraisal periods for the Base System are locally determined rating cycles; WG, WL, WS/GS 1-8 and employees at equivalent levels in other pay plans are included. In addition, certain demonstration projects have different rating cycles.

It is vital that supervisors know their employees duties and responsibilities and it is equally important the employees know what they must do to attain the "Success" level and what is expected of them. Employees should be encouraged to participate in the development of their work plan, however, the final determination of objectives/responsibilities and standards rests with the supervisor/rater. During the initial discussion of the work plan, the rater and employee should discuss the Army values and ethics and how they relate to the employee.

The work plan or performance plan must be reviewed and approved by the rater before it can be implemented. In some instances, senior rater approval is also required. Performance plans become effective on the date they are signed/initialed by the rater (or the senior rater, when one is used). Therefore, it is important for the responsible official to initial and date the performance plan to indicate his/her approval. The sequence for initialing the counseling checklist/support form is as follows: the ratee, the rater, the intermediate rater (if used), and the senior rater (if used).

Raters must discuss work plans with their employees and ensure they initial the final plan. Discussions should take place within 30 days after assignment into the position, at the beginning of the annual rating period, at the end of the annual rating period, and periodically during the rating cycle. Record such discussions on the Support Form (DA Form 7222-1) or the Counseling Checklist (DA Form 7223-1). The midpoint discussion needs to be documented by initialing on the performance plan.

Each year the work plan is reviewed for currency and recertified by the rater, the senior rater (if used), and the employee.

Each of the two subsystems has two forms.

  • Performance Plans -- Both the Base and Senior Systems have a performance plan form (DA Form 7223-1 for the Base, and 7222-1 for the Senior). The Base System plan is called a Counseling Checklist Record and the Senior System plan is a Support Form, but both serve the same purpose, documenting performance expectations and standards at the beginning of the rating period.

  • Performance Appraisals -- Both the Base and Senior Systems have a form to document the performance evaluation of the employee at the conclusion of the rating period. The appraisal form number for the Base System is DA Form 7223 and the number for the Senior System is DA Form 7222.

  • Content last reviewed: 6/20/2006-FMJ