Time Off Award

Employees may be granted up to 80 hours of time off during a leave year without charge to leave or loss of pay as an award for achievements or performance contributing to the Army mission. The TOA may be used alone or in combination with monetary or nonmonetary awards.


  • All Army civilian employees paid from appropriated funds and direct hire foreign nationals are eligible for consideration.


  • Employees' contributions must directly support the Army mission or result in benefits to the Government. The extent of the employee's contribution will be considered when determining the amount of time off that is approved. Table 7-3 of AR 672-20 should be used to determine the amount of time off, if in excess of one day. If granted as a SA/SA, the DA Form 1256 will be used and if granted as a performance award, the actual appraisal form (DA Forms 7222 or 7223) will be used. The TOA may be granted in amounts up to 40 hours for a single contribution and up to 80 hours in a one-year period. It must be scheduled and used within one year of the approval date.
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