Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The scope of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) varies from installation to installation. The ideal EAP brings together a variety of personal services under one roof. It may include program activities and counseling in the areas of personal finance, emotional and psychological problems, and substance abuse awareness and treatment.

At most installations, the primary focus of the EAP is to assist employees who want help dealing with a substance abuse problem. Army civilian employees who suffer from drug and/or alcohol abuse are entitled to the same medical care and administrative consideration they would receive for any other illness. Sick Leave or other appropriate leave should be granted for drug or alcohol related medical examination and treatment.

Supervisors are responsible for an employee's conduct and performance. If they note changes in behavior or performance that may be indicative of a substance abuse problem, they should encourage the employee to utilize the resources available throught the EAP or other community
resources. More extensive guidance for supervisors can be found in OPM's Alcoholism In The Workplace, A Handbook for Supervisors. In no case should a supervisor attempt to diagnose specifically or to treat an apparent substance abuse problem. An employee may face disciplinary action if the abuse is contributing to conduct/behavior problems on the job, especially if the employee is not taking action to treat the condition.

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