Army Civilian Drug Testing Program

The Army Civilian Drug Testing Program identifies specific positions, by
title and grade, that are subject to random drug testing, reasonable
suspicion drug testing, and drug testing due to direct involvement with an
on-duty accident that resulted in injury or damage to property. Only certain
positions that meet the criteria outlined in the Army Drug Testing Plan
are covered.

Upon assignment to a Testing Designated Position (TDP), an employee is
provided with a notice of being subject to drug testing. Whenever an
employee is subsequently assigned to another TDP, he/she is again given
notice. External candidates selected for TDPs may also be tested for drugs
prior to appointment to the position.

Employees are randomly selected for testing using procedures similar to those
in effect for military employees. If positive results are received from the
laboratory, and the installation's Medical Review Officer concurs with the
findings, then disciplinary and adverse action must be taken against the

The first step is to refer the employee to the Employee Assistance Program for substance abuse counseling and treatment. Additionally, employees are immediately removed from their TDP pending investigation and determination of which disciplinary action to take. Disciplinary and adverse action may result in termination of their employment with the Army.

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