Fitness for Duty Examinations

The Army may require an individual who occupies a position which has medical standards or physical requirements to undergo a fitness-for-duty medical examination whenever there is a direct question about his/her continued capacity to meet the physical or medical requirements of the position. Such an examination may be ordered for instances of job-related injuries/illnesses and for those that are not job-related.

If there is an employee with a medical condition which appears to impair his/her capabilities to safely and effectively complete work assignments, and a fitness-for-duty examination supports this conclusion, options may include:

  • Placing employee in another position which accommodates his/her medical condition/limitations
  • Accommodating the employee in his/her current position by temporarily or permanently modifying work assignments and/or work environment

If accommodation is not feasible, the supervisor may be forced to take action to remove the employee for failure to meet the elements and standards of the assigned position. A fitness-for-duty examination may also be offered before management takes disciplinary and/or adverse action against an employee for unacceptable conduct or behavior if it appears that a medical condition may be at the root of the problem.

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