Oral Admonishment

An oral admonishment is an informal disciplinary action and the least severe disciplinary action for addressing an employee's misconduct. Because of its adaptability to a variety of situations, the oral admonishment is often adequate to effectively correct inappropriate behavior, particularly when the employee has no previous disciplinary actions. It is also appropriate for correcting minor misconduct or delinquency in which the employee may not have been previously warned or advised the behavior conflicts with a workplace rule.

An oral admonishment has neither procedural requirements nor a prescribed format. The process is oral between the supervisor and his/her employee. However, the admonishment should be documented in the form of a memorandum for record (MFR). The MFR is NOT placed in the employee's electronic official personnel folder but is maintained in the supervisory file of the employee. The employees should be made aware of the MFR and/or provided a copy.

In taking this action the supervisor should advise the employee of the specific incident and when and where it occurred. The employee should be allowed to explain his/her side of the incident. If the supervisor decides the oral admonishment is warranted after considering the employee's explanation (if provided), the employee should be advised that continued misconduct for any reason may result in a more severe disciplinary action.

Supervisors should contact the servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) for assistance before initiating or taking a disciplinary action.

Content last reviewed: 6/24/2014-KRB/BWR