Administrative Grievance Procedure

Managers and supervisors must maintain a work environment in which employees and authorized employee representatives are free to participate in the appeal and grievance systems made available to them without restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal.

The Department of Defense established a grievance system, DoD 1400.25-M, Subchapter 771, Administrative Grievance System, to provide an avenue for certain employees to have reviewed matters of personal concern or dissatisfaction relating to their employment.

The DoD Administrative Grievance System (DoD AGS) provides a generalized
framework that delegates maximum authority and responsibility to
installation commanders to tailor local procedures to meet their unique
needs. The whole intent behind the procedures is to allow employees to
present grievances to management and have those grievances considered
expeditiously, fairly, and impartially.

In Summary, the DoD AGS contains an informal problem solving step that can be tailored to local conditions and a formal administrative grievance procedure step that contains mandatory processing provisions. The use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) approaches such as mediation, settlement conferences, peer review panels, or other ADR techniques is encouraged.

You should contact the CPAC for information on the applicable grievance procedures.

For the purposes of this system, grievances and appeals do not include any matters which are subject to review outside the Army or for which other authorized complaint or appeal systems are prescribed (e.g., classification appeal system, EEO discrimination complaint system, negotiated grievance procedure, etc.).

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