Priority Consideration Program for DC Dept of Corrections Employees


Section 11203 of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (PL 105-33) established a priority consideration program for employees of the DC DOC who are scheduled to be displaced as a result of the closing of the Lorton Correctional Complex.

Implementing regulations provide for priority consideration and noncompetitive appointment eligibility to current and former DC DOC employees for competitive service vacancies in Federal agencies when they apply and are determined to be well qualified. The employees must be in receipt of a reduction in force (RIF) separation notice as a result of the closing of the Lorton Correctional Complex, and have not already been appointed to positions with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. These employees are accorded similar priority and order of selection as eligible employees under the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP). However, DC DOC employees are not restricted by geographic location and they are not restricted by grade level in the jobs for which they may apply.

Displaced employees referred under this program and applicants referred under ICTAP have equal standing when referred for the same position. If two or more individuals apply for a vacancy and are determined to be well qualified and meet the program eligibility requirements, the agency has the discretion of electing any of the employees.

Eligibility for priority consideration begins on the date the DC DOC employee is in receipt of a specific RIF separation notice by the DC DOC. Eligibility for appointment under this authority expires:

  • (1) One (1) year after the closing of the Lorton Correctional Complex; or
  • (2) When the DC DOC employee is no longer being separated by RIF; or
  • (3) When the DC DOC employee receives a career, career-conditional or excepted appointment without time limit in any Federal agency at any grade level; or
  • (4) When the DC DOC employee voluntarily separates by resignation or retirement prior to the RIF or a non-disciplinary termination effective date; or
  • (5) When the DC DOC employee is separated involuntarily prior to the effective date of the notice other than by RIF separation or disciplinary termination not related to the closure of Lorton Correctional Complex.

Eligibility within a specific agency may terminate if the employee declines a permanent appointment at any grade level offered by the agency, or, if the employee fails to respond within a reasonable time period to an offer or official inquiry of availability for such a position.

Appointments made under this program are noncompetitive appointments to the competitive service under the authority of Public Law 105-274, enacted October 21, 1998.

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