Defense Outplacement Referral System (DORS)

DORS is an outplacement assistance program designed to refer registrants to Department of Defense (DOD) activities, non-DoD Federal agencies, state and local governments, and non-profit organizations in the United States and overseas. DORS is a voluntary referral program for both the registrant the potential employer.


Current civilian DOD employees may register. The spouse of a DOD employee may register as well, provided the DOD employee is registered in the DOD Priority Placement Program (PPP) (including DORS). This includes spouses who have never worked for the Federal government.

Registration is limited to U.S. citizens, except that non-U.S. citizen eligibles occupying DOD excepted service positions may register for appropriate consideration.


Registration is accomplished through either Program A (Chapter 3) or Program Z (Chapter 12) of the DOD PPP. Spouses may register only in Program Z.

Employees registered in Program A receive DORS referral assistance by completing specific blocks on the PPP Registration Format. Employees who are not registered in Program A use the same Registration Format, but indicate "Z" as the Program.


Program A registrants remain in DORS as long as their registration continues to show availability for DORS in the appropriate blocks.

Program Z registrants remain in DORS until they request removal; they are no longer on the rolls of the registering activity (or another DoD activity into which placed); their performance or conduct becomes less than satisfactory; they are registered in Program A; or a year has passed since the registration or last file maintenance has been processed. When the sponsoring employee is no longer registered in the PPP, the spouses's DORS registration is terminated. If, however, the DOD sponsor relocates as a result of a PPP placement, the spouse may remain in Program Z for one year following the move. In such cases, the spouse's area of referral is limited to the commuting area.


The geographic area of referral is unrestricted. The area of referral for spouse registrants must be the same as the sponsor's. It should be noted, however, that payment of relocation and moving expenses is not guaranteed.


Employees may decline an offer and remain in the program. Individuals who accept a DOD position may continue to be registered in DORS.

Registrants should respond to employment offers within 4 calendar days. If an offer is accepted, individuals must be available to report for duty within 2-4 weeks of acceptance, or within 6 weeks if employed overseas.

Content last reviewed: 6/8/2006-ALM