Veterans Preference

Veterans preference is provided to a person who has been discharged or released from active duty in the Armed Forces under Honorable conditions:

  1. Five point veterans preference is granted to veterans who

    served during any war (this means a war declared by Congress, the last of which was World War II);

    during the period April 28, 1952, through July 1, 1955;

    for more than 180 consecutive days, any part of which occured after January 31, 1955, and before October 15, 1976

    during the Gulf War period beginning August 2, 1990, and ending January 2, 1992; or

    in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign medal has been authorized, such as El Salvador, Lebanon, Granada, Panama, Southwest Asis, Somalia, and Haiti.

    The FY 2006 National Defense Authorization Act of January 6, 2006, expanded the definition of a veteran for purposes of preference eligibility. The new definition now includes individuals who served on active duty for more than 180 consecutive days, other than for training, any part of which occurred during the period beginning September 11, 2001, and ending on the date prescribed by Presidential proclamation or by law as the last day of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  2. Ten point veterans preference is granted to:

    those discharged or released veterans who 1)qualify as disabled veterans beause they have served on active duty in the Armed Forces at any time and have a present service-connected disability or are receiving compensation, disability retirement benefits, or pension from the military or the Department of Veterans Affairs; or 2)are Purple Heart recipients;

    the spouse of a veteran unable to work because of a service-connected disability;

    the unmarried widow of certain deceased veterans; and

    the mother of a veteran who died in service or who is permanetly and totally disabled.

  3. Medical Disqualification of Preference Eligibles

  4. OPM's Veterans information website

  5. Preference Eligibility for Gulf War Veterans

  6. Preference for Service in Bosnia

  7. Special Appointing Authority

When referral is made from external recruitment sources, such as the Office of Personnel Management Certificates, Veterans Recruitment Appointment or outside the register authority for temporary appointment, candidates are ranked and referred in veterans preference order. This order of referral often restricts the supervisor's ability to select. Normally, veterans preference eligibles listed above nonpreference eligibles on a referral list must be selected before any nonpreference eligibles can be selected.

Veterans preference provides for hiring preference on initial appointment only. Employees with veterans preference compete equally with all other candidates for subsequent inservice placements. In addition to preference in hiring, employees with veterans preference who are not retired military,have higher retention standing than others for reduction-in-force purposes.

Content last reviewed: 6/5/2006-TWD