Reinstatement is the reemployment of a former Federal employee, including spouses hired under overseas local dependent hiring authorities who have reinstatement rights upon return to the United States. Excluding spouses who obtain eligibility through overseas service, a reinstatement eligible is an applicant who previously held a career or career conditional appointment with a Federal agency as a Federal employee on a permanent, competitive Federal appointment. There is no time limit on the reinstatement of a veterans preference eligible or a person who has completed the service requirement for career tenure. Nonpreference eligibles who have not attained career tenure normally can only be reinstated within 3 years of the date of their earlier separation.

Individuals with reinstatement rights can be noncompetitively placed in positions at grades equal to or lower than the grade they previously held. Reinstatement eligibles can also compete along with merit promotion candidates for positions at higher grades than they previously held as long as they meet the same requirements as inservice placement candidates. If selected, the applicant would be Reinstated to the Federal Service

When filling a vacant position, managers may be asked if they are interested in soliciting applications from reinstatement eligibles. Reinstatement eligibles are an applicant source that may be utilized in conjunction with other internal or external recruitment sources.

Content last reviewed: 3/27/2008-HLJ