Experts and Consultants

The Army employs experts, consultants, and advisory committee members (employed as consultants) to perform services under excepted appointments. Experts and consultants are subject to conflict of interest provisions, financial disclosure and defense-related employment requirements. Experts and consultants generally are employed under 5 USC 3109 and the current appropriation act. They also may be employed under other statutes applicable to a particular appointment.

Paid and Unpaid Employment.

a. Normally pay will be at the per diem rate equal to salaries in the GS-13 to GS-15 range.

b. Experts and consultants may be employed on an unpaid basis. Prior to appointment, the individual must agree in writing to be employed without pay and to waive any claim for compensation for those services.

c. (Major Army Commands Army Service Component Commands and Direct Reporting Units) may establish standard rates of pay for common consulting services in their commands.

d. Determination of the specific per diem rate to be paid, including a decision to pay no compensation, is made on an individual case base, applying the criteria in 5 CFR 304.104.

All members of advisory committees who are not full-time officers or employees of the Federal Government are to be appointed as consultants (See AR 15-1.) A separate consultant appointment is required for each advisory committee on which an individual serves.

DOD Program to Hire Highly Qualified Experts in Critical Occupations Under 5 USC 9903.

Army distribution of allocations to MACOMS, MACOM reporting requirements, and additional implementing instructions are available online in the CPOL Library staffing memos at

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