Transfers From Other Federal Agencies

A transfer is the movement of an employee, with out a break in service of 1 work day, from a position in one Federal agency to a position in another Federal agency. Career or career-conditional employees who transfer from one agency to another retain their career or career-conditional status in the new agency. Employees who transfer may have to compete with employees at the new agency, if required by that merit promotion plan, but they do not have to compete with non status employees in an examination open to the public.

Candidates from other agencies may be considered for noncompetitive transfers (i.e., reassignments and changes to lower grade), as well as competitive promotions or to positions with known promotion potential under the installation's Merit Promotion Plan. Transfer candidates for competitive promotions must meet the same quality ranking requirements and be among the "best qualified" - they must be ranked among others referred under the installation's Merit Promotion Plan.

The consideration of transfer eligibles will often provide the selecting official with a broader range of applicants from which to select.

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