Delegated Examining Authority

Under the provisions of 5 U.S.C 1104, as amended by Public Law 104-52, OPM has delegated the authority to conduct competitive examinations to the Department of Defense. DOD in turn has delegated the examining authority to the componenents for all geographic locations and positions except Administrative Law Judge positions. The Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA) Regions receive examining authority from DOD through the AG-1 (CP), EPD. Competitive examining for positions covered under the Luevano Consent Decree must be performed in accordance with OPM approved examining instruments. DOD has elected to use examining instruments developed by OPM for positions covered by the Luevano Consent Decree (written test and rating schedule).

The delegation of examining authority gives the CHRA Regions the authority to perform non status competitive examination and certification to include the development of rating schedules, evaluation of applicants, and developing Certificates of Eligibles for career and career-conditional positions. With delegated examining authority the CHRA Regions perform some of the functions previously performed by OPM.

The CHRA Regions who have perform under the general administrative guidance of OPM.

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