Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA)

VETERANS RECRUITMENT APPOINTMENT (Formerly Veterans Readjustment Appointment)

The VRA is a special authority by which agencies may, if they wish, appoint an eligible veteran without competition. The candidate does not have to be on a list of eligibles, but must meet the basic qualification requirements for the position. The VRA is a convenient method of appointment for both the agency and the veteran. However, use of the authority is entirely discretionary and no one is entitled to a VRA appointment

VRA appointees initially are hired for a 2-year period. Successful competition of the 2-year VRA appointment leads to a permanent civil service appointment. (Please note, however, that a veteran may be employed without competition on a temporary or term appointment based on VRA eligibility. Such an appointment is not a VRA appointment and does not lead to conversion to a permanent position.)

Eligibility Requirements
The following individuals are eligible for a VRA appointment:

Disabled veterans
Veterans who served on active in the Armed Forces during a war declared by Congress, or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized.
Veterans who, while serving on active duty in the Armed Forces, participated in a military operation for which the Armed Forces Service Medal was awarded; and
Veterans separated from active duty within the past 3 years.

There is no minimum service requirement, but the individual must have served on active duty, not active duty for training.

Training Requirement
If you are selected for a VRA and have less than 15 years of education, you must agree to participate in a training or educational program.

Grade Level of Jobs That Can be Filled
Agencies can use the VRA authority to fill white collar positions up through GS-11 and equivalent jobs under other pay systems.

Conditions of Employment
VRAs are in the excepted service. After 2 years of substantially continuous service under a VRA appointment, provided your performance has been satisfactory, your appointment may be converted to the competitive service, 1.e., a performance appointment.

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