Restructuring Positions

Restructuring a position to a lower entry grade level is an option available to you when recruiting internally and/or externally for your vacant positions. It normally occurs when candidates are not available at the full performance grade level. Restructuring is also an option available when utilizing certain alternative recruitment sources, such as the Developmental Opportunity Program, and Worker-Trainee Opportunities Program .

When a position is restructured in order to fill it, the position description, performance work plan, and the rating scale/plan or the job analysis and Promotion Evaluation Pattern are modified to reflect the lower level position duties and corresponding qualification requirements. You may have the option of selecting from candidates who meet the qualifications at the various grade levels.

Restructuring positions has a number of advantages or benefits, for example it:

  • Saves in employee salary and benefit costs

  • Opens up promotion opportunities for employees who would not otherwise qualify

  • May serve to increase representation of women, minorities, and people with disabilities for certain occupations where underrepresentation exists by opening other candidate pools

  • Provides you with employees you can train and develop to meet the your tailored goals and objectives

  • Increases employee morale

Certain restructuring actions require formal training plans for employee development and periodic evaluation. Employees are promoted according to the normal line of progression, based on supervisor's recommendation, and after the employee has served the required amount of time at the lower grade level.

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