Sample Ranking Interview Worksheet

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: A panel is assessing candidates to be referred for a Budget Analyst, GS-560-11, position. The job analysis identified several major job requirements and knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs). The measurable KSAs were identified when developing the crediting plan. The KSAs that must be measured through an interview are used for this sample ranking interview.

These KSAs are -

  • Knowledge of preparation of long-range cost estimates

  • Skill in making oral presentations

  • Ability to assist managers with budgetary matters

In this example, on a scale of 1 - 5 with 5 being the highest, the first KSA has an importance of "3"; the second an importance of "2"; and the third an importance of "4".


QUESTION #1: What experience or training have you had in preparing long-range cost estimates?

15 Points: Experience in developing and formulating a segment of the installation (or very large organization) budget for a fiscal year.

10 Points: Experience in formulating or revising the annual budget estimate for certain support activities/components, or moderately-sized organizations OR formal education and/or training which provided in-depth exposure to cost estimating for a set of commodities or moderately-sized organizations.

5 Points: Experience in comparing figures in current cost estimates for individual items with cost from previous years OR formal education and/or training which provided a general familiarity with cost estimating.

QUESTION #2: What experience have you had in making oral presentations dealing with the budget?

15 Points: Experience as the sole presenter of budget items to commander/command groups and other high-ranking officials. The candidate prepared most of the briefing and the candidate fielded questions generated from briefing.

10 Points: Experience as one of a team of presenters of budget items to organization officials. Candidate prepared most of his/her portion of the briefing and candidate fielded most of the questions, but may have deferred more difficult ones to other presenters.

5 Points: Experience as one of a team of presenters or member of a panel discussion. Audience addressed is comprised of employees within the candidateís own organization or similar group. Candidate has prepared notes on points to cover, as directed by the panel director or chief briefer. Questions are noncontroversial or fielded by others.

QUESTION #3: What experience have you had in assisting managers with budgeting matters?

15 Points: Advises managers on the status and availability of funds in different budget accounts and aspects of command/installation budget process which apply to the mangerís program. Persuades managers to reduce expenditures for supplies, etc., to adjust to changes in funding, allocations, and anticipated shortfalls.

10 Points: Provides managers with technical and regulatory guidance of a factual nature on budget estimates and executing approved budgets.

5 Points: Provides managers or their representatives with information about budget line items, the status of availability of funds for specific items, and the appropriate method of transferring funds.

(NOTE: You could assign "in-between" points on any of these sample questions. For example, you may want to assign "12" points for better than "10" but less than "15".

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