Preemployment Processing

Once an individual has been selected for a position, there are a number of personnel program requirements which must be met before the person can begin working. The requirements vary depending on whether the individual is new to Federal service or the Army or is already a current employee. In addition, the amount of time it takes to complete preemployment requirements varies from case to case.

The individual's enter-on-duty date (EOD) may be delayed due to a number of factors, such as:

  • The need for the individual to provide documents to verify citizenship

  • The need for the individual to provide documents in support of employment such as official university transcripts, veteran's preference certification, and other job certification requirements

  • Delays in getting an appointment with the medical facility to perform a physical examination and receiving those results

  • Processing an investigation for issuance of the appropriate security clearance necessary to occupy the position

  • Time needed to accomplish a permanent-change-of-station move

  • Completing the Exceptional Family Member Program Information Sheet, to identify and process civilian employee selectees with dependent children who have special education and medically related services needs, and family members with medical needs. (Applicable for overseas positions.)

Content last reviewed: 6/5/2006-TWD