Competitive Professional Development

Competitive Professional Development (CPD) is defined as functionally tailored, significant developmental opportunities that occur in academic (university) programs, Training-With-Industry (TWI) and/or planned developmental assignments that have been documented in the respective ACTEDS plans. Civilians GS-11 and above, and journey level GS-9s (by exception) are eligible to compete for these training opportunities.

Programs covered include:

  • University Programs
  • Developmental Assignments
  • Training-With-Industry (TWI)
  • Army Comptrollership Program (ACP)
  • Graduate Cost Analysis Program (GCAP)
  • DOD Professional Enhancement Program (PEP)
  • Logistics and Acquisition Management Program (LOGAMP)
  • Logistics Executive Development Program (LEDC)
  • Advanced Resource Management Course (ARMC)
  • Professional Military Comptroller School (Syracuse)
  • Short-term Training Assignments/Courses

Suspense dates are established annually to ensure nominations are received in the OASA(M&RA) Functional Chief Representative's office no later than (NLT) the nomination suspense date stated on the announcement. Announcements, suspense dates, and forms can be found in The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Content last reviewed: 3/20/2007-DLS

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