Training for placement in Army (5 U.S.C. 4103) and (5 U.S.C. 5364). The Army may train an employee to meet the qualification requirements of another position in the Army if the new position is at or below the retained grade or the grade of the position the employee held before pay retention.

Retraining is comprised of two major components:

  1. Training and other development administered to an individual to close skills gaps resulting from obsolescence such as in the area of technology; and
  2. Training and development designed to equip an individual with knowledge and skills leading to another occupation.

Training must be planned for both short and long-range program needs by occupations and organizations (E.O. 11348, 1967). This permits management to retrain employees for other occupations based on organizational need and vacancies. However, if new jobs offer more promotion potential to employees, the employees must compete to enter the retraining programs. These competitive processes must be consistent with the merit principles and EEO considerations.

Training for placement in another agency (5 U.S.C. 4103(b)) and 5 USC Code . An Army employee may be trained to meet the qualification requirements of a position in another agency if the head of the agency determines that such training would be in the interest of the government.

  1. Before undertaking any training, the commander shall determine that there exists a reasonable expectation of placement in another agency.
  2. When selecting an employee for training under this section, the commander shall consider:

    1. The extent to which the employee's current skills, knowledge, and abilities may be utilized in the new position;
    2. The employee's capability to learn skills and acquire knowledge and abilities needed in the new position; and
    3. The benefits to the government which would result from retraining the employee in the Federal service.

Appropriated funds may not be used to retrain Army employees for positions outside the Federal government. Training for outplacement to positions in the private sector must be accomplished under Department of Labor sponsored programs such as the Workforce Investment Act(WIA) of 1998. Exceptions to this restriction include basic workplace skills training, e.g., computer literacy, resume preparation, etc.

Training displaced or surplus employees (5 CFR 330.604(c) and (f)). Displaced or surplus employees may be eligible for training or retraining for positions outside Government through programs provided under 20 U.S.C. 9201, or similar authorities. The commander may use his allotted appropriated funds for training displaced or surplus employees for positions outside Government only when specifically authorized by legislation to do so. The Workforce Investment Act (WIA)(20 U.S.C. 9201) is the mechanism for retraining outplaced or soon-to-be outplaced employees for jobs in the private sector. The Department of Labor administers the WIA, but state governments use Federal funds to develop and implement these retraining programs.

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