Attendance and Completion of Training

Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that employees are available to attend scheduled training. Once an employee is confirmed in a class, other duties and activities should be scheduled around the employee's attendance. Cancellations should occur only in emergency situations.

Most formal Army schools allocate an extremely limited number of civilian quotas, and a lengthy process must be followed to request and justify those quotas. The quotas are authorized and distributed through the Army Training Resource Requirements System (ATRRS)

ATRRS is the Army's Information Management tool for the administration and input of student training. It is extremely important to identify individual formal school requirements during the training needs assessment process and document them as part of the installation training needs survey. Access to the ATRRS varies by installation and Army Commands. You can learn more about this quota system by contacting your organization's training coordinator or Civilian Personnal Advisory Center (CPAC) Human Resources Development (HRD) advisor.

During calendar year 2001, Army began using Oracle Training Administration (OTA), part of the Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) for recording all mission-related completed training for Army civilians.

Army employees are responsible for notifying their supervisors when any training has been completed. They accomplish this responsibility either by manual submission of the evaluation section of the SF 182, or by use of the automated system. Information about Requesting and Entering Completed Training is located here. Information on completed training is stored in DCPDS. Managers who have access to this system may review required, scheduled and completed training for employees of their organization. Managers who do not yet have access to the OTA system should contact their HRD advisor at the CPAC to obtain completed training information for their organizations.

Any employee who withdraws or fails to satisfactorily complete a training course may be required to reimburse the Government (5 CFR §410) for the incurred costs.

Content last reviewed: 3/20/2007-DLS