Employing US Citizen and Non-US Citizens in NAF Positions - Information System Access

All employees, U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens are required to present certain documents as proof of eligibility to work in the United States to their servicing NAF Human Resources Division. These employees requiring access to information systems to fulfill their duties are subject to favorable security investigations, security clearances, or formal access approvals.

The majority of the NAF workforce is comprised of IT-III personnel, although some are Type I or II. (Note: Per AR 25-2, these positions are referred to as IT and IT related positions. This type of position shall be deemed "Position of Trust".)

There are several types of Information Technology (IT) personnel in Information Assurance (IA) positions:

1. IT-I - System Administrator (SA)/Network Administrator (NA) for infrastructure devices or SAs/NAs for classified systems and devices.

2. IT-II - Operating system administration of common network applications or enclaves, backup operators.

3. IT-III - Power/end users or a SA on individual systems for configuration

4. IT-IV - Non IT positions that are temporary, intermittent, season, or summer hire position.

The Security requirements for a non-U.S. citizen are different from the requirements for a U.S. citizen:

A U.S. Citizen:

- A National Agency Check (NAC) is required for positions requiring access to the local area network and to Army or DoD computer systems

- The NAC must be initiated before access to government systems is granted.

A non-U.S. Citizen

- Must have a favorable NAC before access to government systems is granted.

- Employment of non-U.S. citizens in IT positions should be minimized.

Content last reviewed: 3/12/2008-MF

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