It is the Army's intent to streamline and standardize NAF job descriptions and position guides in order to minimize duplication of work resulting in efficiencies and cost savings for the installations. The PDs will facilitate classification consistency, and represent typical work situations found in Army Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR). A HQDA PD is appropriate for use if the document accurately describes the local work situation. Approved PDs are not meant to upgrade or down grade existing positions; but describe positions, as they currently exist in Army. Minor pen and ink changes are authorized to fit local requirements, however, minor changes may not be written in such a manor resulting in altering the title, series, grade or pay band level. The mandatory use of standardized NAF position is highly encouraged.

Procedural Guidance available at NAF Personnel web page on Civilian Personnel Online (CPOL).

Content last reviewed: 5/9/2006-MF