NAF Referral And Selection

Applications will be referred to the selecting official through USA Staffing, or the NAF Referral and Selection List, for filling a job through competitive procedures. A brief explanation by the selecting official as to why the particular candidate was selected will be annotated in the USA Staffing "Notes" section or on the referral list.

Referral lists will clearly identify which applicants are eligible for preference or priority consideration. The referral list or certificate will identify the highest preference/priority consideration for which the applicant meets eligibility. Once an applicant is employed as a current or former NAF employee, they are no longer considered and outside applicant (Veteran or non-Veteran).

The requirement for selecting officials to state the reasons for their selection decision provides a record for the personnel action in the event of internal or third party review. Corresponding documentation of the rationale for the selection eases the installation's burden in the event of litigation challenging the selection.

Content last reviewed: 8/25/2015-MF

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