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ABC - The Army Benefits Center

Absence Due to Serious Health Condition

Absence for Adoption or Foster Care

Absence for Childbirth or Infant Care

Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL)

(Excused) Absences and Administrative Dismissal

Academic Courses

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Coverage

ACTEDS (Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System)

Adjusted Length of Service

Administrative Careers With America (ACWA)

Administrative Grievance Procedure

Administrative Leave

Adobe Acrobat

(Absence for) Adoption or Foster Care

Advanced Annual Leave

Adverse Actions - Checklist for for Deciding Officials

Adverse Actions - Guidance for Deciding Officials

Adverse Actions - Nondisciplinary

Alternate Work Schedules

(Advanced) Annual Leave

Annual Leave

(Use) Annual Leave for Retirement

(NAF) Use or Lose Annual Leave

Annual Rating - Performance

Anthrax Immunization and Emergency Essential Civilians(EECs) Policy

Appeals - Classification

Appeals - Merit System Protection Board

Appearance and Dress

Applying for Immediate Retirement under FERS, 10/96

Applying for Death Benefits Under FERS, 1/97

Applying for Death Benefits Under FERS, 1/97

Appraisals - (Annual Rating - Performance)

Appointments and Types of Service

Appreciation - Certificate of

Apprentice Training Program

Approval and Funding of Training


Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal

The Army Benefits Center - ABC

Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS)

Army Comptrollership Program (ACP)

Army Valor Award

Arthur S. Flemming Awards

Assignment of Life Insurance

Assignment Rights and Position Offers to Vacant Positions

ATRRS (Army Training Resource Requirements System)

Attendance & Completion of Training

Audit or Review of Postions

Authority to Deploy

(Personnel Action) - Authority to Set Retroactive Effect Dates for Payment of Back Pay

(Incentive) Awards Program (with Award Descriptions)

Award - Notable Achievement

Award - Performance (Incentive Awards Program)

Award - Secretary of the Army Public Service Award

Award - Special Act or Service (SASA)

Award - Time Off

Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service - President's

(Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher Distinguished Humanitarian) Award

Award for Humanitarian Service - Civilian

Award for Outstanding Public Service

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Balancing Economy and Efficiency

Bargaining Unit

Base System Checklist

Basic Life Insurance (Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program)

Bill Payment Procedures -- OWCP

Bump and Retreat Rights - RIF

(NAF) Business Based Actions Procedures


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Candidate Referral and Selection

Candidate Selection

Career Intern Programs

Career Programs

Career Management

Career Programs and Career Enhancement Plans (CEPS)

Career Service Recognition for Civilian Employees

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation for Patriotic Civilian Service

Change to Lower Grade (CLG)

Change to Lower Grade (Reclassification)

Change to Lower Grade - Notice of Decision to

Change to Lower Grade - Notice of Proposed - Reclassification

Change to Lower Grade - Performance Based

Childbirth or Infant Care - Absence Due to

Citizen's Medal - Presidential

Citizenship & Employment Eligibility

Civil Service

Civil Service Certificates

Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service

Civilian Drug Testing Program

Civilian Employees - Career Service Recognition

Civilian Leadership/Leader Development Program

Civilian Leader Development Courses

Civilian Leader Development Process

Civilian Readiness (Mobilization Deployment)

Civilian Resource Conservation Program (CRCP)

Civilian Sexual Orientation Policies

Classification and Position Management

Classification Appeals

Code of Ethics

Collective Bargaining

College Courses

College Recruiting

Commander's Award for Public Service

Compensably Disabled Veterans - 30% or More

Compensatory Time


Compensation, Dual

Competitive Area - RIF

Competitive Level - RIF

Competitive Service

Compressed Work Schedules

Compressed Work Schedules (CWS) For NAF Employees

Computing Retirement Benefits Under CSRS, Retirement Facts 7, 5/96

Conflict of Interest

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Continued Service Agreements

Contract Administration - Labor

Contract Negotiations - Labor

(Jury Duty or) Court Leave

Court Ordered Benefits for Former Spouses under CSRS, FERS, FEHB, & FEGLI

Crediting Plan

Critical Performance Elements

CSRS-Offset Retirement CSRS Overview

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Death Benefits

Death Gratuity Payment

Death of An Employee

Die on the Job, Federal Payments When Employees are Injured or (05/96)

Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service

Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service

Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS)

Defense Outplacement Referral System (DORS)

Deferred, Information for Separating CSRS Employees Who are Not Eligible for Immediate Annuity, 6/96

Deferred, Information for Separating FERS Employees Who are Not Eligible for Immediate Annuity, 6/96

Delegations of Authorities For Civilian Personnel Management

Delegation of Position Classification Authority

Delegated Examining Authority

Delegation (Training Approval)

Department of Defense Meritorious Award

(PCS) Dependents

Deployment - Civilian Readiness (Mobilization)


Development - Leadership

Developmental Assignments

Disability, Frequently Asked Questions about Retiree

Disciplinary Action - Selecting the Appropriate

Disciplinary Action Options

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary and Adverse Actions

Disciplinary File Documentation Checklist

Distinguished Civilian Service Award

Distinguished Public Service - DoD Medal

DLAMP (Defense Leadership And Management Program)

DLAMP FAQs (Frequently asked Questions)

(Guidelines for) Documenting & Reporting Job-Related Injuries or Illness

Documenting Performance Based Actions

DoD Distinguished Civilian Service Award

DoD Medal for Distinguished Public Service

DoD Policy on Recruitment , Retention and Relocation Bonuses and Allowances for NAF Employees

DOD Professional Enhancement Program (PEP)

Donating Leave

Donor Programs - Medical

Douglas Factors - Selecting Appropriate Disciplinary Action

Dress and Appearance

Drug Testing Program - Civilian

DTMO - Redesign and Launch of the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) Website Updates

Dual Compensation

Duty to Bargain Checklist

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Early Retirement Under CSRS. Retirement Facts 6, 5/96

Earning and Leave Statements (DA Form 5352)

Emergency Essential Civilians(EECs) Policy, Anthrax Immunization and

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Discussions - Formal

Employees' Rights

Employee Wellness Program

Employee Work Folder, Supervisor's

Employment and Citizenship Eligibility

Employment of College Graduates

Environmental Differential and Hazardous Duty Pay

Examination of Employees (Weingarten Rights)

Excepted Service

Exceptional Civilian Service Award

Excused Absences (Administrative Leave)

Excused Absence for Voting

Executive Order 11348 (Training of Government Employees)

Exemplary Civilian Service Award

Experts and Consultants

External Recruitment Sources

Extremist Activities

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Factors, Elements & Social/Cultural Conditions that Contribute to Workplace Violence

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Failure to Complete Training

Failure to Fulfill Training Agreement

(Army) Family Member Placement Program

Family Related Leave and Absences

FASCLASS (Fully Automated System for Classification)

the NO FEAR Act (The Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002)

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

Federal Civil Service

Federal Employee Compensation Act (FECA)

FECA - Basic Requirements and Benefits

FECA - (Benefits Under the) Federal Employees Compensation Act

Federal Employee Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI)

FEGLI Booklets and Handbooks at OPM

FEGLI Legislation Provides Limited Enrollment Opportunity for Employees Designated Emergency Essential

FEGLI Program; Premium Changes and Open Season for 2016

FEGLI - Phased Retirement


FEHB - The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

FEHB Premium Conversion

FEHB Info at OPM

Federal Employee Standards of Conduct

Federal Employees Health Benefit (see FEHB)

Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act (FEPCA)

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) Overview

FERS Election Opportunity for NAF Employees Covered by CSRS

FERS Transfer Handbook

Federal Labor Organizations

Federal Labor Relations

(FLTCIP) Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

Federal Wage System (FWS)

Federal Wage System (FWS) - Key Ranking Jobs

Filling Positions - General Overview

Final Decision to Withhold Within-Grade-Increase (WGI)

Financial and Legal Obligations

Firefighter Pay

(PCS) First Duty Station Moves

(Zachary and Elizabeth) Fisher Distinguished Humanitarian Award

"Fit-to-Win" Program

Fitness for Duty Examinations

Fitness, Health and Safety

Flexible Work Schedules

Formal Appeals - Classification

Formal Army & DoD Leadership Training

Formal Discussions

Formal Training Agreement & Plans

Freedom of Information Act

(Leave for Military) Funerals

Furlough for 30 Days or Less

Furlough for 30 Days or More - RIF

Funeral Expenses

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General Schedule Leader Grade Evaluation Guide


Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) - Awards

Government Pension Offset

Grade Retention

Graduate Cost Analysis Program (GCAP)

Grievance File Documentation Checklist

Grievance Procedure - Administrative

Guidelines for Reporting & Documenting Job-Related Injuries or Illnesses

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Hatch Act - Political Activity

Hazardous Duty and Environmental Differential Pay

(Absence Due to) Health Problems

Health, Safety and Fitness

Hiring Flexibilities: External Recruitment

HIV/AIDS Training

Hoge Award - Nick

(Federal) Holidays


Holidays for Firefighters

Home Leave

(Compensation, Work Schedules, and) Hours of Duty

(PCS ) House Hunting

Human Resource Development

HRD Guidelines, Policy and Law

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ICTAP (Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan)

Inappropriate Interview Questions

Incentive Awards Program (with Award Descriptions)

Individual Development Plan

Informal Appeals - Classification

Information about Reemployment for CSRS Annuitants, Retirement Facts 12, 7/96

Information about Reemployment for FERS annuitants, FERS facts, 5/96

Information for Prospective Retirees

Information for Retirees and Survivor Annuitants About the FEHBP, 7/96

Information for Retirees & Survivors about FEHB

Initial Decision to Withhold Within-Grade-Increase (WGI)

Initial Probationary or Trial Period

Installation Training Guide (ITG)

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP)

(Professional Liability) Insurance - PLI

Instruction - Letter of

Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP)

Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program

Intern Training

Internal Army Recruitment Sources


Interview Panel

Interview Questions - Inappropriate

Interview Subjects


Invention Awards

Involuntary Reduction in Grade and/or Pay

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Job Analysis

Job Analysis Committee

Job Related Activities Other Than Normal Duties

Job Swap

Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA)

John W. Macy, Jr. Award

Jury Duty or Court Leave

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KSA's - Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities - Job Analysis

Key Ranking Jobs - Federal Wage System (FWS)

Kushnick Award - William H.

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Labor Contract Administration

Labor-Management Relations - Subchapter 711

Labor Negotiations

Labor Negotiations - Collective Bargaining

Labor Organization in the Federal Government

(Dept of the Army) Labor Relations Program

Labor Union

Labor Union Contract Administration

Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters CSRS Retirement, Retirement Facts 14, 5/96

Leader Development Process

Leader/Management Training

Leadership Development

(Civilian) Leader Development Courses

Leave Administration

(Restoration of Annual) Leave

Leave, Maternity

Leave - Military

Leave - Sick

Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

(Extended) Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

(Absence Without Official) Leave (AWOL)

(Advanced Annual) Leave

(Annual) Leave

(Use Annual) Leave for Retirement

(Home) Leave

(Jury Duty or Court) Leave

Leave Restoration for Emergency Essential Employees in a Combat Zone

(Voluntary) Leave Sharing Program

Legal and Financial Obligations

Length of Service - Adjusted for RIF

Letter - Notice of Decision to Change to Lower Grade

Letter - Notice of Decision to Furlough

Letter - Notice of Decision to Reprimand

Letter - Notice of Decision to Suspend for Less Than 14 Days

Letter - Notice of Final Decision to Withhold Within-Grade-Increase

Letter - Notice of Initial Decision to Withhold Within-Grade-Increase

Letter - Notice of Proposed Change to Lower Grade - Reclassification

Letter - Notice of Proposed Removal - Disciplinary Action

Letter - Notice of Proposed Suspension for 14 Days or Less

Letter of Appreciation

Letter of Instruction

Life Events, Your Retirement, and Insurance, 5/96

Light Duty Assignments

Locality Pay

Logistics and Acquisition Management Program (LOGAMP)

Logistics Executive Development Program (LEDC)

(Federal) Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP)

Long-Term Training

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Macy Award - John W.

Major Job Requirements (MJRs) - Job Analysis

Management/Leadership Training

Management Rights

Management Unfair Labor Practices

Maternity Leave

(An Index of) Medals

Medical Documentation (of sick leave)

Medical Donor Programs

Medical Examinations - Qualifications


Merit Promotion & Placement Program (MPP)

Merit Promotion Plan

Merit Promotion Program

Merit System Principles

Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Appeals

Meritorious Award

Meritorious Civilian Service Award

Mid-term Bargaining

Military Funerals

Military Leave

Military Leave for Inactive Duty Training

(Military Leave) - Leave Restoration for Emergency Essential Employees in a Combat Zone

Military Service Credit Under CSRS, 5/96

Military Service Technician

Military Spouse Preference Program

Miscellaneous Expense Allowance

Mobilization and Deployment of Civilians

Mobilization -- Civilian Readiness (Mobilization Deployment)

Mobilization Deployment - Civilian Readiness

Modifying Qualification Standards

(PCS) Moving Household Goods

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NAF Business Based Actions Procedures

NAF Human Resources Offices (HRO)

NAF MWR USA/Uniform Funding Management/Portability of Benefits Issues

NAF Referral And Selection List

NARFE Information

National Association for Retired Federal Employees

National Public Service Award

National Security Education Program (NSEP)

Negotiated Grievance Procedures

Negotiations - General Overview

Negotiability Appeals

Negotiating Flexible or Compressed Work Schedules


Nick Hoge Award

Noncompetitive Repromotion

Noncritical Performance Elements

Nondisciplinary Adverse Actions

Notable Achievement Award (NAA)

Notice of Decision to Change to Lower Grade

Notice of Decision to Reprimand

Notice of Decision to Suspend for Less Than 14 Days

Notice of Proposed Change to Lower Grade - Reclassification

Notice of Proposed Removal - Disciplinary Action

Notice of Proposed Suspension for 14 Days or Less

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Oath of Office

Obligated Positions

OCONUS Training Approval

Off-Cycle Rating - Performance

Off Duty Employment

Office of Personnel Management Certificates

OPM Updates Language announcing Office Closings (Operating Status)

Official Time

On-The-Job-Training (OJT)

Operation Enduring Freedom, OPM Guidance: Documenting Personnel Actions for

(Office of Personnel Management) OPM Interchange Agreement

Opportunity to Improve - Performance

Oracle Training Administration (OTA)

Oral Admonishment

Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award

Outstanding Civilian Service Award

(PCS) Oversea Entitlements

Overseas Return Rights

Overtime During Training

Overtime Work

OWCP Bill Payment Procedures

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Part-Time - Off Duty Employment

Past Practice

Pay - Annual Adjustment

(Authority to Set Retroactive Effect Dates for Payment of) Back Pay - Personnel Action

(Firefighter) Pay

(Premium) Pay

(Severance) Pay

(Grade and) Pay Retention

Pay Schedules

Pay Setting Information

Pay - Special Salary Rates

Pay Systems

Pay - Training, Duty Hours and Special Pay

Paying for Training - Government Purchase Card

PC Retire (Calculate your own CSRS annuity with PC RETIRE)
  (To download, create a "PCRETIRE" directory on your hard drive. Hold down <Shift> and click here. Save the program into the PCRETIRE directory, and activate.)
(Permanent Change of Duty Station) PCS

PCS - Dependents

PCS - First Duty Station Moves

PCS - Getting Started

PCS - House Hunting

PCS - Miscellaneous Expense Allowance

PCS - Moving Household Goods

PCS - Other Points of Contact

PCS - Overseas Allowances

PCS - Real Estate

PCS - Temporary Quarters

PCS - Travel to the New Duty Station

Penalties, Table of

People With Disabilities Employment Program (PDEP)

Perform Other than Normal Duty

Performance - Off-Cycle Rating

Performance - Opportunity to Improve

Rating-Based Awards

Performance Based Actions

Performance Management Program - Overview

Performance Objectives

Performance Plans

Performance Ratings

Permanent Change of Duty Station - See PCS

Personnel - Prohibited

Personnel Action - Authority to Set Retroactive Effect Dates for Payment of Back Pay

Physical Examinations - Fitness for Duty

Physicians Comparability Allowance

Placement Follow-Up

Planning Process

Political Activities for NAF Employees

Political Activity, The Hatch Act

Poor Performers - Dealing With

Portability Retirement Procedures in NAF

Position Audit or Review

Position Descriptions - Preparing

Position Management and Classification

Position Sensitivity

Postponing Within-Grade-Increase (WGI)

Preemployment Processing

Premium Pay

Preparing A Position Description

Presidential Citizens Medal

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Presidents Award for Distinquished Federal Civilian Service

Principles - Merit System

Priority Consideration Program for DC Dept of Corrections Employees

Priority Consideration and Placement Programs

Privacy Act Disclosure Considerations

Privacy Act Program

Probationary Period

(Separation during) Probation

Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)

Professional Liability Insurance (PLI), Element of Resource for

Professional Military Comptroller School (Syracuse)

Prohibited Personnel

Promotion - Temporary

Purchasing Training

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Qualification and Candidate Evaluation

Qualification Requirements - RIF

Qualification Standards

Qualification Standards - Modifying

Quality Step Increase (QSI)

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Readiness - Civilian (Mobilization Deployment)

(PCS) Real Estate


Recruitment and Relocation Bonus

Recruiting Sources - Internal Army

Recruitment Sources

Reduction In Force (RIF)

Reduction in Grade and/or Pay - Involuntary

Reemployed Annuitants

Reemployment Priority List (RPL)

Reemployment Rights


Removal - Disciplinary Actions

Removal - Notice of Proposed - Disciplinary Action

Removal - Performance Based

Repayment of Training Expenses

(Guidelines for) Reporting & Documenting Job-Related Injuries or Illnesses

Representational Rights of The Union


Reprimand - Notice of Decision to

Repromotion - Noncompetitive

Request Training

Requirements for Emergency Essential (E-E) Employees

Restructuring Positions - Qualification Impacts

Retention Allowance

Retention Standing - RIF

Retirement: Information & Resources

(Portability) Retirement Procedures in NAF

Retirees - Employing

Retreat and Bump Rights - RIF

Return Rights - Overseas

RIF - Adjusted Length of Service

RIF - Bump and Retreat Rights

RIF - Competitive Area

RIF - Competitive Level

RIF - Retention Standing

RIF - Subgroups

RIF - Using Vacancies During