Welcome to PERMISS

PERMISS is a decision support system designed to provide general guidance and information on all areas of Army Civilian Personnel Management. This site provides easy to understand, accurate information for viewing and retrieving purposes only. Some of the articles are linked to expert system modules, providing specific advice on discharging personnel management and administration responsibilities.

PERMISS is not designed to answer specific questions, for example pertaining to an individual's entitlements or job status. PERMISS is not an interactive system, nor is it a forum for raising questions which should be answered through your supervisory chain of command or by your servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC).

As with all knowledge-based systems, the information contained in PERMISS can become obsolete when laws and regulations (or their interpretation) change. We encourage you to use this system to support your decision making process, yet recommend you discuss final decisions with your servicing CPAC prior to taking any action.

Thank you for joining the growing number of PERMISS users.

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