letterhead for the DCOS G-3/5/7 at the Pentagon
DAMO-TR  December 29, 2006


SUBJECT: Transforming Civilian Leader Development

  1. The transformation of Army Civilian Leader Development comes at a critical time. Our civilians must be innovative, adaptive, and confident to deal with complexity and uncertainity in a constantly evolving environment. For this reason, the Army is accelerating its development and implementation of the Civilian Education System (CES)
  2. The CES is a centralized, progressive, and sequential education system that consists of foundation, basic, intermediate, and advanced courses. The scheduled implementation of courses is Jan 07.
  3. To facilitate the accelerated development and implementation of the CES, our current Civilian Leader Development courses and programs will immediately phase out and transition into the CES curriculum.
    • Sustaining Base leadership and Management (SBLM) 06-2 - reduced (68 participants)
    • SBLM 06-3 - cancelled
    • Personnel Management for Executives I and II - ends 30 Dec 06
    • Strategic Leadership for Executives - cancelled
    • Organizational Leadership for Executives - ends 30 Jun 06
    • Leadership Education and Development Course (LEAD) Train the Trainer - ends 30 Jun 06
    • LEAD - ends 30 Dec 06
    • Intern Leadership Development Course continues until 30 Dec 07
  4. The CES progress updates may be obtained at the AKO Civilian Leader Development Transformation Community beginning 30 May 06. Thank you for your support during this period of transition - the future environment demands multi-skilled civilian leaders at all levels prepared to face any challenge.

//original signed//
Lieutenant General, GS
Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7