Total Army Personnel Command letterhead
TAPC-CPP-T (690-400a)  01 FEB 1991


SUBJECT: Change in Training Policy - Optional Use of Training Committees


1. Effective immediately, training committees required by AR 690-400, Chapter 410, are optional for all activities, regardless of size.

a. Paragraph 1f, Subchapter 3, should be changed to read:

"The activity training committee helps the activity commander develop and implement an effective training program. It helps determine overall organization and mission training needs, develop the annual training plan, support budget requirements, and evaluate overall results of training. The establishment of a training committee is optional, but recommended for activities with 300 or more civilian employees."

b. Paragraph 1a, Subchapter 17, should be changed to read:

"Setting up an activity committee. Although training committees are optional, activities with 300 or more employees should establish either a training committee or ad hoc group to plan and evaluate training. A committee serves to legitimize training plans and build support for the investment of training funds. "

2. A copy of this memorandum will be filed with AR 690-400, Chapter 410. These changes will be incorporated into a complete revision of Chapter 410, which we are planning to staff to the field during FY91.

3. Proponent for this action is the Civilian Personnel Management Directorate, US Total Army Personnel Command (Training and Employee Relations Branch). For more information, contact Mr. Terrence Hill at AV 221-1348 or COMM (703) 325-1348.

//Sheila R. Helm/signed for//
Joseph E. Galbraith
Civilian Personnel Management