Total Army Personnel Command letterhead
TAPC-CPP-T (690-400a)  7 MARCH 1991


SUBJECT: Exchange Visitor Program - Policy Change

1. Reference AR 690-400, Chapter 410, para 3-6h.

2. The U.S. Information Agency, which is the proponent for the Exchange Visitor Program, has recently informed the Department of the Army that the IAP-66 form should not be used for training which is less than one month in length. Also, providing training for local nationals does not meet the intent of the program, which is designed for the exchange of students for educational purposes.

3. Effective immediately, local national employees who attend CONUS training are not required to submit an IAP-66 Form, Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-l) Status. Where a visa is required to attend training in the U.S., travel orders (DD Form 1610) will be used as the basis for issuing a visa.

4. AR 690-400, Chapter 410, para 3-6h is rescinded. Para 3-6g is modified to read: "Assignment of overseas US citizen and local national employees to CONUS for short-term training."

5. A copy of this memorandum will be filed with AR 690-400, Chapter 410. These changes will be incorporated into a complete revision of Chapter 410, which we are planning to staff to the field during FY 91.

6. Proponent for this action is the Civilian Personnel Management Directorate, U.S. Total Army Personnel Command (Training and Employee Relations). For more information, contact Mr. Terrence Hill at DSN 221-1348 or (703) 325-1348.

// Original signed//
Raymond J. Sumser
Director of Civilian Personnel