CP15   Quality & Reliability Assurance Career Program


    Message from the Functional Chief
    Message from the Functional Chief's Representative
Main Text -
            Equal Opportunity
    Strategic Vision for Q&RA Personnel - 21-st Century Roles
    Management of the Q&RA Career Program
            Functional Chief (FC)
            Functional Chief Representative (FCR)
            MACOM Career Managers (CPMs)
            Activity Commanders and Directors
            Activity Career Program Managers (ACPMs)
            Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) Chiefs
    Key Positions
    Q&RA Career Paths and Mission
            Typical Career Paths
    Training and Development
            Master Training Plan
            Universal Training
            Army-wide Competitive Professional Development
            CP-15 Competitive Professional Development
            Types of Training and Development Activities
            Prioritization of Training
            Army Leader Development
            Waiver of Functional Mandatory Training
            Recommended Self-development For Q&RA Careerist
            Training Levels
            Additional Information
    Career Planning
            Self Evaluation and Planning
            Guidance and Additional Resources for Career Planning
    Intern Training Program
            Structure of the Intern Training Program
            Master Intern Training Plan
            Tailoring the MITP
    Recruitment Strategies and Sources
            Recruitment Strategies
            Recruitment Sources

Appendix A: Typical Career Paths Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (1 page chart in PDF form)
Appendix B: Competencies for Q&RA Careerist
Appendix C: Master Training Plan (MTP) for Quality Assurance Career Program Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Appendix D: Request for Equivalency Credit for Mandatory Training Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Appendix E: List of Courses by Competency Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Appendix F: Course Descriptions
Appendix G: List of Training Sources Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Appendix H: Developmental Assignments
Appendix I: Master Intern Training Plan for Q&RA Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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