Training & Career Development

Resource Allocation Selection System (RASS)

Note:  Army Civilians attending Competitive Professional Development training who need access to or are having problems with RASS must contact their perspective Career Program Manager. If you do not know which Career Program you are assigned to, seek assistance from your supervisor.

  Link to Defense travel System:

The Resource Allocation Selection System (RASS) is a web-based computer application that centralizes the management of funds for Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS) funded programs (DA Intern and Competitive Professional Development (CPD) training). RASS enables the online creation, submission, approval, status tracking, and reporting of training and travel-related request forms (SF 182, DD Form 1610, and Standard Form 1164).

Primary users include ACTEDS interns and Competitive Professional Development candidates and their supervisors, intern program managers, Competitive Professional Development (CPD) program managers, Functional Chiefs Representatives (FCR), and MACOM intern coordinators.

Travel Requests:

All Local and TDY travel requests should continue to be submitted through RASS. The travel request will not be approved for funding until the associated training document is approved. This includes "No Cost Training".

Questions regarding the approval status of a travel or training request should continue to be directed through your FCR POC or Intern Coordinator.

Connect to RASS:

Once within RASS, The forward and back navigator buttons of your web browser should not be used.
Please utilize RASS menu items, links and buttons to navigate within the RASS application.


As of 07-29-08

The current mileage rate for FY08 is: 0.585

For additional help or questions: 

  • Technical problems (unable to login, locked out, system not available):  Contact the HQDA CHRS (Civilian Human Resources Systems) Help Desk at 1-888-253-1836.

  • Functional questions, problems, or suggestions (how to complete the forms, navigate in the system, etc.):  Start with your supervisor, then local sources of help for training and/or travel questions at your organization or activity. 

  • Suggestions for or problems with RASS training materials:   Send an email to